Sleep Center presents Sena Cevik Z.

Dowry \dau̇(-ə)-rē\ n : the money, goods, or estate that a woman brings to her husband or his family in marriage.

Dowry is the very practice that underlines the issues that have been at the core of Sena’s artistic practice, from the very beginning. It is a practice where the dynamics of female and male relationships come into play through marriage, religion, sex, and birth. But most importantly it is traditional moral practice, where women are frequently imposed into child marriages and domestic violence. Dowry is a custom where men and women are crushed beneath the expectancy of their community and forced to live within the societal parameters of a so-called “proper” life – to marry and make a family with a stranger.

For this show, the artist has prepared her own artistic Dowry. A Dowry composed of works that intend to reflect and symbolize a woman’s imagination, her passions, her frustrations and most importantly, all of her hopes. The works are completely driven by not only the traditional handcrafted materials of Anatolia but also the different stories Anatolian women have told. They all are stories that have permeated the daily lives of those living in this part of the world for many years.


Born 1982 and lives in Istanbul / Turkey

Married to Omer and has a son called Omay.



Jun 3 – June 12, 2016

By appointment, call +1 646 538 3809