Join us for Summer Sessions, a series of exhibitions, workshops, and lectures from artist collectives sunday schoolhome school, and We‘re Hir, We’re Queer.


Exploring collectivization as a means to generate forms of art education grounded in accessibility and non-hierarchical cooperation, Summer Sessions is an attempt to rethink what pedagogy is, can be, or should be. Each collective will inhabit SLEEPCENTER for two weeks, utilizing the space to promote modes of exchange that emphasize dialogue and inclusivity.


What does a school founded in horizontal frameworks look like? What compels artists toward collectivization? How can an art gallery be claimed as a forum, symposium, or site for public expression? What happens to art education when it‘s separated from monetization, accreditation, and professionalization?


August 4 – August 18

sunday school


August 25 – September 8

home school


September 15 – September 29

We’re Hir, We‘re Queer


sunday school is a nomadic free school and horizontal learning platform based in and around NYC. It is a continuous reflection on the potential of mutual education, experimentation, community, care, and alternative forms of group intimacy. Participants are encouraged to embrace cycles of learning (and unlearning) and to boldly claim and create places for thinking, questioning, and making.


home school is a free pop-up art school in Portland run by Victoria Anne Reis and manuel arturo abreu which provides welcoming contexts for critical engagement with contemporary art and its issues. Home School’s pedagogy honors the casual rigor of the etymology of ”school” from the Greek “shkole” meaning “spare time, leisure, idleness, rest”.


We’re Hir, We’re Queer is a collectively-run pamphlet and zine distro based in New York City and Rio de Janiero. Intimately connected to practical, on the ground struggle, it is committed to circulating writings that have informed those involved as organizers and militants. WHWQ promotes revolutionary and radical political theory about queers, written by queers, in the fight for the liberation of queers.


Curated by unbag, in collaboration with SLEEPCENTER.




unbag is a curatorial and publishing collective that promotes critical engagement with contemporary art and politics. Commissioning projects from artists, writers, and thinkers who work outside of mainstream discourses, it functions to explore ideas through discussion and exchange.

SLEEPCENTER, located on the harmonious Monroe street in Chinatown, New York, is an interdisciplinary laboratory for art and ideas.

9 Monroe Street, New York, NY, 10002.