New York Times | Turning the Perverse Nature of ‘The Bachelor’ Into Art


Please join us on August 2 from 7-10 PM at SLEEPCENTER Studios for Here For The Right Reasons, a one-night event featuring original artwork by over a dozen NYC artists exploring The Bachelor franchise through live performance, installation, painting, and text.

Since its 2002 premiere, the reality dating series The Bachelor has gained a rabid following — with folks watching both for its promised escapist fantasy and also through a critical lens to deconstruct its themes and problems. With a typical episode bringing in 7-10 million viewers, The Bachelor amounts to a national TV event with its wide reach shaping and creating public discourse. Recent controversies have proved the show’s ability to act as a microcosm for our society’s most sensitive, hot-button topics–for better or worse.

From this rich subject matter, the artists featured in Here For The Right Reasons have chosen to explore themes of love, modern dating and gender. In works ranging from the personal to the political, Here For The Right Reasons also reflects on reality TV as a concept and the ethics and implications of watching reality TV in an America that elected a reality TV star president.

Featured Contributors:

  • Jo Rosenthal – essayist and illustrator documenting modern relationships Vice contributor, featured in i-D magazine, 8Ball Community, Purple Magazine,  among others
  • Frances Waite – illustrator examining erotica and sex in the internet age, featured in Dazed Magazine and Vice Magazine
  • Hello Happy Plants
  • Snacks Please
  • Katie Kimmel
  • Lorien Stern
  • Mur – performance artist, painter, and composer
  • Cerise Zelenetz
  • Merlin Mannelly
  • Scarlett Giesbrecht
  • Carolyn Figel – illustrator blending pop culture nostalgia and sarcasm, clients include Mercedes-Benz, New York Times, MTV, A Women’s Thing, among others
  • Artie Niederhoffer
  • Janie Korn – sculptor and animator, contributing along with Artie Niederhoffer the imagined “Bachelor Nation” country flag

RSVP Contact:

Artie Niederhoffer

Janie Korn