Opening Exhibition | Dead Zone


Please join us for Dead Zone, an exhibition examining black autodidacticism, the vernacular digital, and ontologies of disappearance. Curated by home school as part of Summer Sessions— an exhibition series focused on nonhierarchical pedagogy—the show features new work from Pastiche Lumumba, sidony o’neal, Rafia Santana, and manuel arturo abreu.

The exhibition also features “Notes on Blaccelerationism,” a livestreamed lecture by Aria Dean as part of the home school curriculum for 2017. Streamed concurrently with Cooley Gallery (Portland), this event will take place at SLEEPCENTER on Friday, September 8 at 8 PM – 10 PM EST.

(We are sorry to announce that the live stream of the lecture was canceled on Sept 03, 2017).


home school is a free pop-up art school in Portland, OR run by Victoria Anne Reis and manuel arturo abreu. It welcomes contexts for critical engagement with contemporary art and its issues with a curriculum featuring artist talks, exhibitions, monthly classes, poetry readings, and more. home school’s pedagogy honors the casual rigor of the etymology of “school,” from the Greek ‘shkole,’ meaning “spare time, leisure, idleness, rest.”

Pastiche Lumumba is an artist, curator, and DJ living and working in Brooklyn, NY. His multidisciplinary work examines the element of context and its effect on subjective experience.

sidony o’neal is a writer and artist based in Portland, OR. In addition to solo work, they collaborate with performance projects DEAD THOROUGHBRED and DELICTO.

Rafia Santana is a Brooklyn-born polymath who engages multiple mediums to supplement communicating verbally as, being a small black woman, she is persistently misunderstood, underestimated, and ignored.

manuel arturo abreu is a poet and artist from the Bronx. They also co-run home school, a free pop-up art school in Portland.

Aria Dean is an artist, writer, and curator based in Los Angeles, CA. She currently holds the position of assistant curator of net art & digital culture at Rhizome.


This exhibition is developed as part of Summer Sessions, an exhibition series grounded in nonhierarchical pedagogy featuring artist collectives sunday school, home school, and We’re Hir, We’re Queer.

Summer Sessions is curated by unbag, in collaboration with SLEEPCENTER.


unbag is a curatorial and publishing collective that promotes critical engagement with contemporary art and politics. Commissioning projects from artists, writers, and thinkers who work outside of mainstream discourses, it functions to explore ideas through discussion and exchange.