Sleep Center is delighted to invite artist Jakob Kudsk Steensen to share his currently ongoing project – A Cartography of Fantasia: An Interface for Post-speculation Landscapes.

A Cartography of Fantasia: An Interface for Post-speculation Landscapes is a video installation composed of several screens, drawings and digital animations. At Sleep Center, Kudsk Steensen will be conducting a preview of a video installation from this body of work.

The project is based on footage taken by the artist during a five week trip, researching abandoned airports and ‘supposed to be’ tourist resorts in remote deserts of Southern Spain.

By using cinematic equipment and digital animations, Kudsk Steensen presents these sites as if colonies on foreign planets. He portrays the political reality of how construction companies utilize austerity measures to develop corruption schemes in Southern Europe as decipherable systemics from computer games.

*The work is developed during artist’s residency at AADK [Arkitektur der Aktuelle Kultur] and it is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.

Sept 27 – Oct 3, 2015

Reception | Sept 27, 7-10 pm

Jakob Kudsk Steensen (b. 1987) is a New York-Copenhagen based artist. Steensen is a graduate from Copenhagen University, faculty of arts, and Central St. Martins in London. He holds a BA from Aarhus University of Arts in Denmark with a minor in New Media from Vrieje Universiteit, Netherlands, and art and politics from Fudan University, China. He has recently exhibited at OKcorral in Copenhagen, London Science Museum, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Shanghai Art and Design Fair and Centra Negra in Spain, and he has developed work in collaboration with natural history institutions in both United Kingdom and Denmark.