Job Creator

Public Viewing: Saturday, December 31st, 2-7pm & Saturday, January 7th, 2-7pm

Sam Lavigne

Curated by Alden Copley & Ian Costello

SLEEP CENTER is pleased to present Job Creator, comprised of selected works by Sam Lavigne. By laying bare the absurdity of self-production, Job Creator intends to offer emotional, physical, and algorithmic tools for reassessing our relationship to labor.

“What does sabotage or strike look like in the age of personal computing, machine learning and automation? How can you break down the factory when the means of production are in your pocket, or on your lap, when it’s tied up in your personal communications, in your identity, in your idea of ‘self’.

The self has become a natural resource to be mined, as well as an unpaid laborer working, unknowingly, on an invisible assembly line. In response we must engage in a practice of self sabotage. We must hijack the self.”

Texts and printed matter available at the show can be viewed here