LITTLE SOUND is a series of publications featuring sincere dialogues with people from an array of backgrounds within the community known as the “Art World”. Our goal is to share the stories of those who have carved a path and a means of existing in our time.

What’s in Issue One?

Issue One “Not Your Swimming Guide” is dedicated to the discussion of Quarter-Life Crisis. We invite three art professionals who are at different life stages to recall their career paths and decisions made when they were in their twenties. Featuring Lesley A. Martin (Creative Director of Aperture Foundation), Andi Schmied (artist based in Budapest) and David Borgonjon (curator and scholar).

What’s Next?

It is our mission to start conversations with as many different roles in the “art world” as possible, whether people who are redefining a role, creating their own paths or people who are directly or remotely related to art. Besides artist, curator and publisher that we’ve covered in Issue One, we are reaching out to gallerists, collectors, critics, art educators, art handlers, museum security guards, etc. We are also aiming at experimenting with the form and format of interviewing with the purpose of reducing the barrier of verbal communication. If words fail us, is there another way to communicate more effectively?

We are hosting a “Pool Party” themed launching party to celebrate LITTLE SOUND Issue One “Not Your Swimming Guide” at SLEEPCENTER