SC Newsstand, developed by SLEEPCENTER, is an O2O (online to offline) publishing platform, a marketplace of nimbus, and a network of local outposts that archives contemporary culture relics and spirit of our passing time, transcribe them into circulatable and trade-able formats such as exhibition, publication, collectable, digital contents, etc.

SC Newsstand新声书报亭,是由SLEEPCENTER发展出的公共项目网络,由O2O媒体端,交易灵光的市集,当代文化遗迹文献库,和数个在地公共活动场所一同编织而成。在这个集合的支持下,我们将广阔的时代精神通过收集归纳,提炼转化成利于传播的和亲近交流的形式,如展览、出版物、周边产品、试听内容等,并将其推向市场。

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