SLEEPCENTER 0.5mg — Chinese New Year Survival Guide for Foreigners

Fill a plastic bottle with liquid of your choice.

Put the SLEEPCENTER 0.5mg on your tongue and close your lips tightly around bottle opening.

Take a sip and use sucking motion to swallow liquid and pill.

Once you wake up, repeat above action until the Chinese New Year is over.

SLEEPCENTER 0.5mg — 外国人春节生存指南


将 “SLEEPCENTER 0.5mg” 药丸放在舌头上,并将嘴唇紧紧贴在瓶口周围。




Aita Sulser is a Swiss art advisor based in Taipei. She currently works with the Burger Collection Hong Kong to find international emerging artists. Previously, she served as artist liaison for Galerie Urs Meile in Beijing and Lucerne and managed their Artist-in-Residence program. Before moving to Asia, Aita worked as artistic director on editorial campaigns and as art strategist for brands and design studios in Zurich.

Aita Sulser 位现驻台北,是来自瑞士的艺术顾问。她目前为 Burger Collection Hong Kong 在国际间寻找新兴艺术家。此前,她曾任麦勒画廊(北京与卢塞恩)的艺术家联络员,并管理其艺术家驻留项目。在移居亚洲之前,Aita曾在苏黎世担任艺术总监,以及品牌和设计工作室的艺术策略师。