Lihsin Tsai
Senior Director. Hauser & Wirth Hong Kong
Based in Hong Kong leading Hauser & Wirth Hong Kong’s exhibition programmes and working closely with artists. Previously Tsai worked alongside collector Qiao Zhibing on launching TANK SHANGHAI, which will open in March 2019 as well as managing independent project space Qiao Space in Shanghai. She formerly worked at Modern Media Group, where she was involved in marketing initiatives for several of the company’s publications, including LEAP and The Art Newspaper China. Tsai has been collaborating with Hauser & Wirth in various capacities since 2015, including on the realisation of projects with artists Martin Creed and Wilhelm Sasnal at Qiao Space in Shanghai.

豪瑟沃斯香港 资深总监

常驻香港,负责豪瑟沃斯香港画廊的展览项目,并与艺术家紧密合作。曾与重要藏家乔志兵合作,筹备即将于2019年3月开幕的油罐艺术中心,并同时管理位于上海的独立项目空间“乔空间”。她曾任职现代传播集团,负责集团旗下多本艺术刊物的市场运营,如《艺术界》、《艺术新闻/中文版》。蔡荔馨自2015年以来便与豪瑟沃斯画廊展开了多层面的合作,其中包括画廊代理艺术家马丁·克里德(Martin Creed)及威廉·萨奈尔(Wilhelm Sasnal)在上海乔空间举办的个展。