bài mǎ tou 拜碼頭

with Mountain River Jump! and Rui Lin


An Event of REALITY CHECK  鬥法

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017


1. The Divinity City of Penglai Also Appeals in the Other Side of the Ocean 海外有蓬萊 
field research tour on Chinese (folk) religious sites in New York City’s Manhattan Chinatown Temple of Mount Tai, E. States Buddhist Temple of America Inc., Wong Tai Sin Temple, Path of Tian, Remote Thurible Temple for the Mount Shizhu River JiuLi Ninth God, Grace Gratitude Temple, Kimlau Square, The First Chinese Baptist Church, Mahayana Temple Buddhist Association, Cheng Chio Buddhist Temple, Sung Tak Buddhist Association, True Buddha Temple Chinatown, World Buddhist Center, Chung Te Buddhist Association of New York, Inc., etc.

Trump Tower, 725 5th Ave, New York, NY 10022, USA

    bài mǎ tou 拜碼頭, literally translated to “a formal visit of respect to the Dock”, meaning pay a formal visit to the local authority (mostly powerful local gang figures) when one travels to a new area, for the purpose to establish one’s initial peaceful intention of visiting, and ask for permission and protection to set up shop.