SLEEPCENTER Multiverse, is an experimental lab that focuses on transdisciplinary researches and showcases of the vastly expand human creative capacity on art and culture, and explores the evolutional merging of design, science, and aesthetic. SC Multiverse is a laboratory and incubator for future communication and content experience, a think-tank and tactical agency to nurture and protect the non-binary environment for possibilities, and a platform for the invention and articulation of new discourses and models.

SLEEPCENTER Multiverse 是一个旨在开展跨领域学术研究的实验室,展示人类于艺术与文化活动之中的广阔创造力,探索设计、科技、与美学的进化性融合。SC Multiverse是未来信息沟通与内容体验的试验场与孵化器,是一个培育并保护非二元对立环境之中无限可能性的智库与研究所,亦是一个发明阐释新的论述语境与实践模型的平台。

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