SLEEPCENTER CreativeSolution, is an experimental initiative and social enterprise that provides bespoke creative solution and support for small and large corporate/governmental bodies worldwide, in exchange for supports to further the unique transdisciplinary visions and explorations of SLEEPCENTER and our collaborators. Service such as space management for private real estate owners and local authorities, to revitalize vacant and underused spaces in urban area into cultural assets which generate great social capital and hubs for creative and community projects.

SLEEPCENTER CreativeSolution 是一个实验性的社会事业项目:为世界上不同地域、不同层面的政府和企业提供创意方案设计与项目协作,以此为SLEEPCENTER及合作者们的跨域思考与探索换取支持和资助。例如为地方政府或地产业主提供的空间管理服务,将城市中闲置或未充分使用的空间转化为生机勃勃的文化资源,生成巨大的社会资本并为创作和社群项目提供枢纽性的活动场所。

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